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Halfdome in Yosemite National Park, taken from Glacier Point

Welcome to my homepage!

I am a Ph.D. Student at the 3D AI Lab at TU Munich.
My research focuses on recreating and understanding 3D environments and how humanoid actors interact with them.

  • I started working on Computer Vision during my Bachelor studies at the University of Augsburg.
  • During my Master studies at TU Munich, I specialized in fusing and understanding 3D scenes.
    This is where my modern implementation of the KinectFusion approach was created.
  • I also took a peek into the application of computer vision in medical environments during my internships at Dynamify GmbH and Ditabis AG.
  • I received my M.Sc. (Informatics) in the Summer of 2019. My thesis topic was 3D Shape Completion from Sparse Point Clouds which I worked on at the Visual Computing & AI Lab under the supervision of Prof. Matthias Nießner.

You can find a collection of projects I have worked on here. There is also a dedicated area for blog posts which I might fill in the future.


Some of the projects you can find on my project page.


Sparse Generative Neural Networks for Self-Supervised Scene Completion of RGB-D Scans

Shape Completion
Shape Completion

My Master's Thesis: Generating complete surface meshes from partial point clouds


Modern implementation of the KinectFusion approach by Newcombe et al.


I enjoy photography so here are some of the pictures I have taken:

Check out my 500px page for more pictures.